Enlightened Pregnancy

You are doing so many things to nurture your baby during your pregnancy.  One of the most important things you can do is to help your baby enter this life in a peaceful and joyful way.  This book is designed to help you guide your baby’s spirit before she is born.  The book contains ancient Tibetan Buddhist wisdom, which has been used for centuries for spiritual guidance.  In reading this text you will share in a magical, spiritual journey with your baby.

Enlightened Pregnancy

Connecting with Your Baby Spiritually

Connect with your little one before you officially meet them.  These meditations, poems, and exercises will bring peace and joy to you and your baby.

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My husband and I have very much been enjoying the book! We discovered through the birth of our first child, what an opportunity there is to connect and create a powerful, mindful and transformative experience in pregnancy, delivery, and in becoming parents. This book has deepened this experience for us both this time around as we await the arrival of our second little blessing!

I turned to the book, beautiful verses and meditations this morning as I greet our 9th day still waiting for this baby to arrive. Due dates of course are only a predicted time of arrival and every day “past” the due date can seem like an eternity of anticipation. so this morning I’m connecting to being grounded and patient as this process continues to unfold.
— Pamela F
The author of this book has a beautiful way of guiding you through the meditations step by step. It is easy to read, and for me, something magical happened after reading the book, on more than one occasion. Though I gave birth to my daughter before discovering this book, my spirit enjoyed reading through all of the exercises. The author’s voice is heard through the book, calm and comforting. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in deep Buddhist teachings and interested in contributing to a more peaceful world, on a soul level. Even if you read part of the book and do only some of the exercises, there is magic of a beautiful kind inlaid within these pages.
— Erika E
As a mother of two, Enlightened Pregnancy gave me a sense of
connection to my children in a loving, spiritual and peaceful way. It
is easy to follow, as it clearly explains the step by step lessons
while guiding you through ancient Buddhist teachings. Enlightened
Pregnancy is a great tool in supporting your child’s spiritual path
into the world
— Gina N
Enlightened Pregnancy is a magical, powerful book for anyone with a loved one who is expecting or has recently had a baby! I read this while my sister was pregnant with her first child. It provided beautiful meditations and exercises to prepare for the birth, and to practice afterwards. I strongly believe that the wonderful connection I now have with my niece—and perhaps even some of her bright and happy disposition—can be attributed to the practices I found in this book.

I liked it so much I shared it with a friend who was also expecting. She had a very similar and even more powerful experience and was extremely grateful to have been able to read and follow the practices from Enlightened Pregnancy before the birth of her first child.

Anyone who has experience with spiritual dimensions of life will value this book greatly.
— Ed C
Such an amazing way to connect with your little one before you officially meet them. Also, helped me with my stress levels and feeling calm during my pregnancy. Thanks for the great info and exercises!
— Corey M
A must read for every expectant mother. Enlightened Pregnancy is easy to follow and helps establish a spiritual connectedness with your baby. A magical story of the traveling spirit and a very calming read. This book holds powerful benefit for both mother and child. What a great start to life !
— Trish B