About the Authors


Luisa has engaged in an intensive study of meditation, mindfulness, compassion, and the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism since 2002. She began teaching public meditation and mindfulness classes in 2008. She is an American woman who grew up in Utah and California. As a child, while spending summers in a highland Mayan town in Guatemala, she was recognized as having the mystical destiny of being an iyoom, a sacred Mayan midwife, whose role it is to foster the spiritual and physical development of babies before they are born and afterwards. She and her mentor iyoom view Enlightened Pregnancy as part of this destiny. She is also a Phi Beta Kappa Stanford alumna with degrees in Human Biology and Latin American Studies.


Samvara is a Buddhist monk who has taught meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhist mysticism to thousands of people around the world. He is the abbot of a Buddhist sangha and author of the Enlightenment Workbook.